For basic level sponsorships:

Unfortunately, we do not send free samples under the premise of a post on any platform of social media UNLESS we explicitly have sought a user out in order to do this. In that case, we likely have other connections to that person.

Under the danger of not knowing many factors of many individuals that contact us, as well as not being able to guarantee any sort of return on investment, our policy is that you (the influencer) fill out this contact application form (you must have at least 2,500 followers on any platform). Once your application is approved we will automatically email you a 10% discount code, you may use that code in order to purchase any item on our website, and you share that code in any social media code that you make. Once 3 people use your code at checkout, we will refund you the full amount of your purchase + shipping. After that, we will cut you 10% of the profits for each sale with your code in perpetuity. On the condition that your produced media is high quality, we will also leverage our social media platforms in order to promote your post and profile. Thanks in advance for your consideration to join our team !

Please include in the main message: 

Platform and username+ Page link

your current age

follower base interests

average impressions per post (estimate) 

Desired discount code